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Brand concept

In the past, Taiwanese women used water from rinsing rice for skin care. Rice bran is rich in essential nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, proteins, natural fiber, amino acid, and niacin. These nutrients boost the skin’s renewal rate, provide intense hydration, and inhibits the formation of melanin. Also, rice bran acts as a soothing agent for sensitive skin, strengthening the skin and providing a protective shield against UV rays and urban pollution. Rice bran’s natural formulation is easily absorbed, and brings exquisite smoothness, refinement, and luminosity.

felac/Reise is the first skincare brand that’s 100% rice inside and out. While chemicals damage our skin and our earth, both felac/Reise skincare products and bottles are made from organic rice bran, replacing petrochemical plastic packaging and harmful chemicals. felac/Reise is non-toxic, eco-friendly, making the earth and our skin beautiful together. felac/Reise manufacturing methods conform to ISO 22716 - Cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and quality management ISO 9001.



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*Two brand names are distributed on the markets for the identical products.
Reise: for non-German-speaking regions.  felac: for German-speaking regions.


What do we lose from turning brown rice to white rice?


In brown rice its skin, seed coat, aleurone layer, germ and endosperm, retains the most nutrients. Rice bran is the part that is discarded when brown rice is crushed to form white rice. It only accounts for 6-8% of the total weight of rice, but its nutrients account for 64%, and its essential fatty acid content is as high as 47%. All these lost nutrients such as proteins, fats, calcium, cellulose, iron and vitamins, are all in the rice bran that people have discarded.


Rice bran is a byproduct of the conversion from brown rice to white rice. It includes the rice bran epidermis, rice germ and a small amount of crushed endosperm and is primarily composed of phytic acid, ferulic acid, gamma oryzanol and some trace elements. It is the most important nutrient component of the whole rice. However,  in an age when there is ample food and clothing, people are pursuing an exquisite diet, thus rice bran is often shaved during rice milling.

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Phytic Acid

Has anti-free radicals which delays aging and improves skin health. After phytic acid is completely dephosphorylated by metabolism in the body, it produces inositol, a lipophilic water-soluble substance commonly known as vitamin B8.

Ferulic Acid

It is a substance unique to rice bran that has the function of preventing UV absorption and acidification furthermore, it is resistant to oxidation and clears free radicals. It can connect intracellular polysaccharides and collagen to increase the tightness between cells and maintain skin elasticity.

Gamma Oryzanol

Under high temperature, UV, slight acidic and alkaline environments, it is still very stable which points out the advantages of applying gamma oryzanol in beauty and maintenance to prolong its active life.

Ultrasonic extraction

Traditional extraction techniques use high-temperature distillation or boiled water, which easily lose the plant's complete active ingredients and reduce plant-active cells. Moreover, different chemical solvents are added to meet the needs of the extraction resulting in solvent chemical residues problems. Therefore, we decided to adopt a new type of ultrasonic extraction technology.

The high penetrating power of the ultrasonic wave effectively mixes the extract, and the extracted substance has a small molecule to which the permeability, solubility and oxygen content are increased, so that it can be easily absorbed by the skin.


The World's First rice bran,
low-carbon, green bottle!


Look closely at the bottle to see the natural rice bran particles.


Reduce 46% Plastic Usage

Every Bottle Can


Reduce 36% Energy Usage


Reduce 38% Carbon Dioxide Emission

All items

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Rice Extract Gentle Cleansing Shampoo


Rice Extract Deep Cleansing Shampoo


Rice Extract Hydrating Body Wash


Rice Extract Hydrating Body Lotion


Rice Oil Leave-in Conditioner

*All felac/Reise products completed European CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) registration.

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