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Brand concept

Deerland was founded by a tea sommelier, a microbiologist and a social designer from Taiwan who is particularly committed to Taiwan's historic tea culture. With the help of family-run tea plantations and strong partnerships with local producers, Deerland is able to offer selected and sustainable tea directly from the home country.

Deerland's tea sommeliers source, produce and roast the tea leaves with a special eye for exquisite quality. Thus, they select only the finest single-estate tea and curate a collection according to Deerland Tea’s taste. Most of the employees grew up in tea-growing regions of Taiwan and have been associated with tea culture all their lives. Some have worked in international agricultural nonprofit organizations and combine a cultural view of tea. With a natural science perspective on the product they know each step must be closely monitored from leaf to cup.

Taiwan is an island tea region where tea production technology has been evolving for nearly 400 years. With the benefit of many mountains and the varied terroirs, the microclimate is extremely distinctive for growing a variety of excellent tea. 

As a result, one can find a rich and historical tea making technique. Bao Zhong and Oriental Beauty were developed in the 19th century and Roasted Black Oolong in the 21st century, primarily in Taiwan. In addition, manufacturing technology for Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong was first disseminated in Taiwan in the 20th century. Tea farmers and the government Tea Research & Extension Station are the biggest drivers in the development of tea varieties. The popular varieties of Oolong, Si Ji Chun, Jin Xuan and Cui Yu were originally introduced in Taiwan and later made their way to the world market.

This shows that the tea industry in Taiwan is in a constant state of creative change from generation to generation. The establishment of Taiwan's tea culture is inextricably linked to its history as a cultural melting pot. Ultimately, Taiwan's own unique tea aesthetic has emerged.

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Basic Iron Goddess Tea.jpg

Traditional Iron Goddess Tea

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea.jpg

Classic Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

Zhang Shu Hu Oolong Tea (Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong).png

Zhang Shu Hu Oolong Tea
(Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong)

Ding Hu Oolong Tea (Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong).jpg

Ding Hu Oolong Tea
(Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong)

Oriental Beauty.jpg

Oriental Beauty

Black Oolong Tea.jpg

Black Oolong Tea

Ruby Black Tea.jpg

Ruby Black Tea

Taiwanese Mountain Black Tea.jpg

Taiwanese Mountain Black Tea

Customized Services


Deerland select the tea you love every harvest season

Deerland source and select single-origin, direct-trade, gourmet loose leaves alongside the harvest seasons in Taiwan. New selections would be announced every May for the Winter/Spring collection, August for the Summer collection, and December for the Autumn/Winter collection.
The teas of Tasting Grade in Deerland’s collection may be exclusive and limited, but the teas graded to House Tea are for many to adore.

Deerland specialize in customized Taiwanese tea & tea product

Looking for a Black Oolong crafted with cultivar YingXiang and roasted to a certain degree, or an Iron Goddess that is scented with a specific type of blossoms? Wishing to freeze-grind a loose leaf into culinary grade powder, then blend and make tea macarons? Tea artisans in Deerland Tea are capable of adjusting tea crafts and building tea products to fulfill your tastes.
Minimum order quantity may apply.

A brand-new glacial savour is coming soon….
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