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Deerland x Mampe Tea-Gin


Distinguished from other Tea-Gin blends that tend to accentuate a particular tea note, the Tea-Gins artfully crafted by Deerland Tea and Mampe aspire to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between the true essence of juniper and the distinctive qualities of three exquisite specialty teas sourced from Taiwan. These refined libations delicately balance the authentic juniper taste with the inherent elegance of the teas, offering a captivating sensory experience.

MAMPE_TeeGin_OrientalBeauty Kopie_300x420.png

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea-Gin

Oriental Beauty Oolong is famous for its subtle muscatel flavor - a gift from the tea jassid, who feed on tea leaves and leave behind hints of ripened fruit and honey in its wake. Crafted by renowned tea-artisan families in the TouWu region in northern Taiwan, Deerland’s Oriental Beauty is a testament to the rich and mellow potentials of this tea variety.

Harvest from the esteemed QingXinDaPang cultivar famous for producing Oriental Beauty since the 19th century, with a heady bouquet of longan nectar with hints of smoked plum, this tea is aged patiently to reveal intricate layers of velvety smoothness. It is a must-try for connoisseurs and an enlightening exploration into the art of tea-aging. 

JinXuan Light Oxidized Oolong Tea-Gin

This finely crafted Oolong from the DingHu region of Mt. ALi (ALiShan), has been gently oxidized and evokes a profound sense of grace and charm. The iconic JinXuan cultivar imparts a lingering fragrance, typical of the well-earned moniker, "Milky Oolong." When savored, the tea liquor gracefully envelops the palate in its creamy smoothness, devoid of bitterness. Delicate notes gently unfurl, interweaving a tapestry of milk, Nori, and pineapple scents, harmonized into an enchanting symphony of flavors.

MAMPE_TeeGin_Jinxuan Kopie_300x420.png
MAMPE_TeeGin_IronGoddess Kopie_300x420.png

Iron Goddess Oolong Tea-Gin

This exquisite charcoal-roasted Iron Goddess Oolong, discovered in Taiwan, exemplifies the remarkable transformation and expanded flavor profile that high-quality Iron Goddess Oolong can undergo. Crafted using the orthodox MuZha style procedure infused with Taiwanese tea processing techniques, it is a perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation.

Charcoal roasting, the pinnacle of Taiwan’s artistry in knowledge-intensive oolong tea production, requires the utmost skill and precision. Excessive heat could produce carbonized tea leaves, resulting in an inability to expand even with prolonged steeping, and an unpleasant, smoky, bitter taste. The creation of a masterfully roasted oolong lies solely in the hands of tea roasters and their expertise.

For finely crafted oolongs, storage in clay containers for a minimum period of six months is recommended to allow for the mellowing through gradual oxidation of pungent notes produced by intensive roasting. Connoisseurs regularly store this type of tea for years or even decades, patiently awaiting the moment of perfect indulgence. The ideal brewing time for this batch began in Spring of 2023, and promises to be a unique tea-tasting experience.

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