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Fu Wan Chocolate


Brand concept

Fu Wan specializes in bean-to-bar and tree-to-bar chocolates made from high-quality cacao pods grown locally in Taiwan. Fu Wan products combine cacao with signature Taiwanese aesthetics to produce freshly inspired and delicately charming flavors. Fu Wan chocolates are made to the highest standards of tree-to-bar production in Ping Tung County, where cacao trees have replaced betel nut palms. Warren Hsu, the founder of Fu Wan, is a tree-to-bar chocolate maker and an IICCT (International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Testing) certified Level III Chocolate Taster.

Since it’s founding in 2015, Fu Wan has established many milestones in Taiwan’s cacao industry with its many recognitions and awards from organizations including the International Chocolate Awards (ICA) and the Academy of Chocolate (AOC).

While other brands (both non-bean-to-bar and bean-to-bar) acquire beans for hundreds of US dollars per tonne, Fu Wan’s environmental protection policies ensure that farmers are compensated at ten times the market price in order to absolutely safeguard sustainable practices among its suppliers. In addition, Fu Wan products are produced exclusively from fresh cocoa beans. All manufacturing begins therefore with fermentation. Each step of the process (fermentation, roasting, sorting, conching) is carried out to the strictest standards of hygiene and precision (including manual and automated temperature/humidity controls). As the only manufacturer in the world to dry beans in-house, fermented beans are dried both in and outdoors on elevated plates to ensure the highest level of hygiene and quality control.

The beans are further “rested” for a minimum of six months to a year to facilitate the fullest flavor-profile development, ensuring unparalleled taste and quality. This unique process of Fermentation - Infusion - Drying - Aging - Roasting - Grinding - Scenting (FIDARGS) was exclusive pioneered by Fu Wan. Subtle flavor nuances may develop within recommended consumption period.

Recognized worldwide for its exceptional effort in creating the “Oriental Cacao”, Fu Wan remains committed to conveying precious cacao experiences to the world. 

Welcome to visit the official website of Fu Wan.

All items

Taiwan_ (18).jpg

62% Taiwan #1 Chocolate

Taiwan_ (19).jpg

70% Taiwan #1 Chocolate

Taiwan_ (20).jpg

85% Taiwan #1 Chocolate

Taiwan_ (21).jpg

100% Taiwan #1 Chocolate

Taiwan_ (22).jpg

70% Taiwan #2 Fleur de Sel Chocolate

Taiwan_ (23).jpg

70% Taiwan #3 Black Sugar Chocolate

Taiwan_ (5).jpg

62% Taiwan #5 Nibs Chocolate

8-premium roast chocolate.jpg

70% Taiwan #8 Premium Roast Chocolate

Taiwan_ (6).jpg

70% Taiwan #9 Double Ferment Rough Ground Chocolate

Taiwan_ (7).jpg

53% Taiwan #10 Dark Milk Chocolate

Taiwan White Pepper & Fleur  de Sel Chocolate.jpg

62% Taiwan White Pepper & Fleur de Sel Chocolate

Taiwan Black pepper Chocolate.jpg

62% Taiwan Black Pepper Chocolate

Taiwan Magao (Wild Pepper) Chocolate (1).jpg

62% Taiwan Magao (Wild Pepper) Chocolate 

Taiwan Ancient Coffee Chocolate.jpg

62% Taiwan Ancient Coffee Chocolate 

Taiwan Red Jade Tea Chocolate (1).jpg

62% Taiwan Red Jade Tea Chocolate

Taiwan Tie-Guan-Yin Tea Chocolate (1).jpg

62% Taiwan Tie-Guan-Yin Tea Chocolate

Taiwan Charcoal Oolong Tea Chocolate.jpg

62% Taiwan Charcoal Oolong Tea Chocolate


70% Beer Yeast #1 "Armstrong"
Ale Style Rough Ground Chocolate

70% Strawberry Beer Yeast2.png

70% Strawberry Beer Yeast

70% Beer Yeast #3 ”Philotes” American Ale Style Rough Ground.png

70% Beer Yeast #3 "American" Ale Style Rough Ground Chocolate

70% Wine Yeast #1 _Alice_ Chocolate.png

70% Red Wine Yeast #1 "Alice"


70% Taiwan Kaoliang Liquor

attatchment.34M9Ow (1).jpg

Fleur de Sel Chocolate Egg Roll

烏龍茶蛋捲 (1).jpg

Oolong Tea Chocolate Egg Roll

River 77% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate.JPEG

River 77% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate

River 88% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate.JPEG

River 88% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate

River 100% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate.JPEG

River 100% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate

ICA World Final.jpg

ICA World Final Box

Tasting Box.png

Tasting Box

0 (2).jpeg

Chocolate Liqueur

70% White Champak Scented Chocolate (Yu-Lan).JPEG

70% White Champak Scented
Chocolate (Yu-Lan)

_03A5809 1.png

70% Taiwan Cinnamon Smoked Chocolate (Yu-Quei)


70% Taiwan Shelled Ginger Leaf Simmered Chocolate (Yue-Tao)


68% Taiwan Ginger Lily Scented Chocolate (Yu-Die)

Aging Bean Cellar 1_0.jpg
cacao-bean 95g_0.png

We also provide couvertures, as well as roasted and unroasted cacao beans, for chefs and chocolatiers in pursuit of the consummate flavor. Fully fermented cacao beans and couvertures are guaranteed to provide nuanced layers of taste and savor.

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